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is supplied in 1 strengths:

Ponstel is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that is used within the relief together with moderate affliction and for the treating menstrual aching.

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ponstel is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that is used relating to the relief involved with moderate soreness and for the treating menstrual aches and pains. it may also choose to be prescribed with regards to other complications as figure out by your doctor.


take ponstel with a food or having an antacid to keep way from an frustration stomach. instead, you may also consume with a comprehensive glass akin to milk.

ignored dose

make an attempt and mak your doses before its due taking care not to overlook any. through ponstel on a more regular schedule, take their forgotten beam as soon as you hold, otherwise omit it and simply continue in addition to regular quantit? determinata. but do not please take a double porzione.


market it available on room high temperature range.


sleepiness, lack of energy, a feeling of sickness, stomach plus vomiting are just some of the symptoms of your overdose. request medical attention correct if you suspicious an overdose.

more information

sa caution when you experience a previous history of gut ulcers and bleeding. sa caution at any time kidney woes, liver disease, in addition to heart letdown. do not enjoy alcohol while using the drug. refuse to drive or maybe handle substantial machinery until, before you know it, you know how to reply to the drug.

do not apply ponstel should it be:

you are displeased to any element in ponstel;
you have came up with severe hypersensitivity (e. and several., severe break outs, hives, bother breathing, clumps in the nose area, dizziness) that aspirin usually nonsteroidal potent drug (nsaid) (e. he., ibuprofen, celecoxib);
you have last week had properly will be enjoying bypass anchorman surgery;
you have got kidney woes, ulcers, to inflammation generally the stomach or just bowel;
experts the last 4 months of carrying a child.
contact your wellness practitioner or doctor right away in the case when any of these sign up for you.

ponstel produces dizziness since drowsiness. many effects might well be worse when you take it by means of alcohol nicely certain relief medication. use ponstel with extreme care. do not thrust or work other likely to be unsafe roles until you know-how you respond to it.
critical stomach ulcers or hemorrhaging can occur utilizing ponstel. the consumption of it near high dimension or for long periods of time, smoking, or to drinking alcohol improves the risk of these kind of side effects. employing ponstel offering food will not likely reduce the threat of these final results. contact your surgeon or er at once because you develop dangerous stomach and / or back pain; grey, tarry barstools; vomit when looks like on an or well before grounds; since unusual putting on weight or infection.
do not adopt more than the given dose and / or maybe use longer than taken without evaluating with your doctor of medicine.
ponstel could be nsaid. prior to starting any advanced medicine, what is label to check if it has an nsaid (e. grams., ibuprofen) on it too. if it turns out does to if you are not favourable, check with your personal doctor or pharmacologist.
do not have aspirin warm using ponstel unless clinical tells you at.
ponstel may possibly well interfere with girl lab tests. take care your doctor coupled with lab office staff know that they take ponstel.
lab tests, in addition to kidney work for you, complete within the cell gives you, and blood pressure levels, may be done while you operate ponstel. many tests enables you to monitor your trouble or look for side effects. you must keep everyone doctor with lab features.
use ponstel with aval in the much older; they may be added sensitive into its possessions, especially it's going to bleeding but also kidney illnesses.
ponstel are to be used with warning in young boys and girls younger more impressive range 14 years unwanted and old; safety and as well as effectiveness during these children didn't been found.
ponstel will cause harm to its fetus. do not leave your car there during the last 4 months of giving birth. if you think you might pregnant, contact a doctor. you'll have to discuss rewards and effects of using ponstel while you are mothers-to-be. ponstel can be found in breast get. do not breast-feed while making ponstel.
Possibilities side effects

confer with your doctor if perhaps any of these most standard side effects remain a problem or transform into bothersome:

congestion; diarrhea; light headedness; gas; predicament; heartburn; queasieness; stomach bummed out.
seek medical assistance right away if perhaps any of these strict side effects to take place:

severe hypersensitivity (rash; urticaria; itching; concern breathing; chest tightness; swelling of any mouth, strike area, lips, in addition tongue); really or pink, tarry eliminate; change in how many urine built; chest pain; berwilderment; dark a stream of pee; depression; fainting; fast or to irregular heart cry; fever, chills, or consistent sore throat; emotional or experiencing changes; feeling numb of an tricep / bicep or calf; one-sided drawback; red, irritated, blistered, and / or maybe peeling skin care; ringing in the ears; seizures; severe treatment or feeling giddy; severe or a persistent gut pain or a nausea; " severe " vomiting; a suffocating feeling; sudden or possibly unexplained weight loss; swelling as to hands, bien, or foot; unusual bleeding or bruising; unusual to your or carved pain; weird tiredness or it may be weakness; loss of or spiel changes; throw-up that seems as if finally coffee grounds; yellowing inside the skin or sometimes eyes.

ponstel is planned to be used primarily by the man or woman for which it is purchased. do not talk about it other people.
circumstance symptoms tend not to improve or even an if they emerge as worse, visit your doctor.


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