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Quibron-t (theophylline) may be bronchodilator manufacture treat the outward symptoms of breathing difficulties, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.

Quibron-T 400 mg

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Weight loss drug uses

this fact medicine is definitely a bronchodilator previously treat the outward symptoms of allergies, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. it may also be empoloyed to treat supplementary conditions mainly because determined by a family doctor.

how to use

the actual directions of using this the medical field provided by a medical expert. thid the medical field may be stolen on an drain stomach or even a with treats. try to take advantage of this medicine day-after-day at cleanly spaced events. if you have basic questions about the appropriate time to take it, find out from your pharmacologist.

drug lecture and device

this remedy is a bronchodilator used to behave toward the symptoms of the asthma, unremitting bronchitis, not to mention emphysema.

an important dose

should you miss a fabulous dose related with sumycin, accept it as soon as possible. whether it's almost coming back your next dosature, skip some sort of missed dosage and retreat to your constant dosing timetable and flexibility. do not deliver 2 calcul at once.


store at the room temperature range away from sun's rays and lost moisture.

keep what doctor in addition to laboratory engagements while you are utilizing this medicine. you imagine have your medical to dental treatments, emergency call-out care, or possibly a surgery, advise the doctor maybe dentist that you were using this prescribed medication. avoid huge of caffeine-containing foods as well as beverages, illustration coffee, infusion, cocoa, extremo drinks, as well as , chocolate. ahead of when switching kinds of this prescription drugs, consult a medical expert or pharmacologist. before you begin taking full any another medicine, you then prescription alternatively over-the-counter, consult your doctor aka pharmacist. vitamin supplements: if you plan on pregnancy, discuss with healthcare provider the benefits and even risks of this medical science during pregnancy. my medicine should be excreted with regard to breast of milk. if you are or perhaps will be breast-feeding while you are utilizing this medicine, check out your doctor aka pharmacist to decide the risks to your personal baby.
Future side effects

negative results, that may disappear completely during method, include fear, restlessness, as well nausea. inside the continue and/or bothersome, seek the advice of your doctor. talk with your doctor right away if you , the burkha heartburn, breadbasket pain, diarrhea, black plus tarry bar stools, difficulty in bed asleep, confusion, difference in behavior, frustration, fast as irregular heart cry, dizziness, lean muscle twitching, seizures, or speedy breathing. you may notice other the bad effects not as listed above, contact your health care provider, nurse, or sometimes pharmacist.

addiitional information

if your the breathing process symptoms won't improve since if they turn out to worse, contact a doctor. include an recognition card always that tells me you are executing this prescription medication. do not write about this medications with many others for so, who it was but not prescribed. never use this medicine for other health conditions. keep this medicine out of the reach of kiddies. if by using this medicine for a long period of time, obtain refills before your supply runs out.


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